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What I think Black Ops 2 Perks should be like


Tier One:

Ghost - Immune to Spy Planes

Pro - No red name when enemy spots you.


Stopping Power - 40% more bullet damage

Pro - 40% more Grenade damage (ex. Grenade launchers)


Profacy - Have two proficencies on your primary weapon.

Pro - Have two proficencies on your secondary weapon.


Flak Jacket - Reduced damage of explosives

Pro - Reduced fire damage.


Hardline - Earn killstreak with one less kill

Pro - Every 2 assist counts as kill + Double tap (X) to change content of Care Package.


Overkill - Have two primary weapons

Pro - Have attachment on second primary


Tier Two:

Sleight of Hand - Reload speed 2x faster

Pro - Swich weapons faster


Stealth - Plant/Defuse a bomb faster.

Pro - Capture an objective faster.


Steady Aim - Better accuracy when firing from hip

Pro - ADS 2x faster


Scout - Hold breath longer

Pro - See enemies from longer distance


Detection - Explosive damage shows up on radar

Pro - Hits from weapon show up on radar


Inforcer - Heal from bullet damage faster

Pro - Heal from explosive damage faster


Tier Three:


Ninja - Silent while moving

Pro - Climb obstacles while silent


Marathon - Run for a longer distance

Pro - Run for a unlimited distance


Optic - Reduced Flashbang and Concussion damage.

Pro - Grenades can get past Trophy systems.


Hacker - Enemy equiptment glows red

Pro - Hack enemy equiptment and boobytrap carepackages.


Scavenger - Resupply ammo from dead enemies.

Pro - Extra mags when spawned + Resupply grenades.


Unreveal - Turrets such as Sentrys can not spot you

Pro - Can not be seen by helicopters.


Post what you think about this list and thanks!

- LoneTactical