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Community Game Mode Thread


One of the things MW3 introduced that actually worked was community playlists, with games like Infected and Drop Zone. Games meant to stress fun over competitiveness. Would like to see more of this in Black Ops 2, so I was wondering how creative the community could be with creating new game types.


My contribution- One Gun


I see people all the time begging for Sniper Lobbies and such, but I don't see a feasible way of making that work. In that spirit though, I thought about a game mode that I think would be both fun and a challenge. It would work in either a Free For All or Team Deathmatch kind of game.


The theory behind it is that everyone in the match is given the same gun. You won't know what weapon system it will be until the game begins. No Secondaries, everyone just has the same weapon (which could be a secondary weapon, I think it would work for pretty much any weapon). Everyone would be given the same tactical and same lethal grenade.  No Killstreaks, but perhaps they could make it so that there are random airdrops at points around the map that players would battle over capturing. Everyone would start with the same perks, and more perks would be rewarded for kills. I think this would make for some fun, crazy games. Imagine everyone running around with Shotguns, or pistols, or Sniper Rifles. Since everyone is using the same weapon, there isn't an OP weapon in the match.

In the lobbies between games, you could vote for map and weapon class <LMG, Sub, Assault, Shotguns, etc> For example, Firing Range with Pistols. You wouldn't know which pistol, but when you got into the match everyone would have the Python.


Just think I'd like to see more "Fun" game modes as a break from the uber-competitiveness of the usual game modes. Lets hear your ideas for some fun, crazy game modes that you'd like to see in BlOps 2!

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    I wanna see normal FFA game modes on maps the size of the Wager Match maps.

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      1. i really like the idea- for random airdrops there should be a red flare like dropzone to tell every 10 seconds before the drop

      2. for sniper lobby, idk how they make people not hardscoping but they can give every1 the same sniper, perks, and throwing knife

      3. throwing knife and tactical knife lobby, with marathon, scavenger, quickdrawpro

      4. snipers vs ninja

      snipers have snipers

      ninjas have tactical knives and throwing knives with marathon

      domination, tdm, demolition is my fav for this mode(play with friends)

      very good since quickscoping is a lot harder in black ops

      5. 2-10/1-5

      the 2 or 1 depending on number of players in lobby have guns

      the rest do not, only throwing knives and tactical knives, one life, demolition

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    Sniper lobby, Gun Game, One in the Chamber, Riot Shields/Throwing Knives, Infection (a good version with modified maps, zombies only have knife, but a lot of health.) VIP, Survivor ( Start with knife, must find unmarked care packages which have weapons/equipment and such. Only the largest maps)

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    As long as there is Dom