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Looking for members!


Hey guys,


I made a new clan called Most_Feared, we are only level 1 because I'm just staring out.

We should be around 5 by the end of the week, if any of you wanna join you cal leave your psn name on the bottom.

This clan will play lots of TDM, DOM, KC and occasionally, SnD, CTF and Team Defender :)

We could play other game types depending on your favs

We are looking for good players and K/D doesn't really matter, but I'd prefer over 0.6. And I'd like premium members too but that doesn't matter that much atm.


We are looking good snipers, shotgun and just normal machine gun players.

I'd prefer if no one had riot shields, but I don't mind if you have LMG's


Anyways, leave your psn name below if your interested or pm me at HockeyMan8773 on psn


Thanks and 'till next time!