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  • Bring back the interactive parts of maps like hotel's elevators, stockpile's "garage" doors, etc.
  • Work on the spawn system spawn camping does not need to happen anymore, but make it predictable enough that you dont run right into a spawn and get killed by someone who spawns right behind you like in MW3.
  • Bring back BO1 maps like Nuketown, firing range, and maybe even some maps from other CODs



  • Please have DLC guns because part of the reason games get old are the guns once the guns get old the game becomes old
  • Larger DLC bundles, such as having 4 or 5 multiplayer maps released with 2 or 3 zombie maps
  • camo DLC adds camos, and now that im talking about camos, there should be customizable camos.
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    I like how you want dynamic maps back as well. They really made gameplay a lot more fun because of the fact you had to be aware of the enemy and changes in the maps.


    Spawn system should be looked at in all game modes. Also, I do NOT think they should bring back any maps, because it's just old you know? We need new fresh ideas, and I really don't think a Cold War era map like Jungle, is going to be placed into the future, lol. In Black Ops they re-made Cliffside into Hazard and I loved it! If they do stuff like that maybe for like the 5th map of a DLC package, that would be cool, but not all the maps should be copied. It's a NEW game, we want NEW ideas and maps.

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    Interactive maps -yes
    Old maps - no

    weapon dlc - most likely not gonna happen. And most people will stick to guns they now.

    large dlc's - yes if the price stays the same
    camo - why?

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    I like the ideal of DLC weapons, i just hope is that was true that they wouldn't give us all terrible weapons at first only to get the good ones if you buy them.

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    NUKETOWN !!! Must play Nukkee town ...

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    Yes need (Free?) dlc for guns. And also entering prestige needs to be more rewarding. I liked they way the did it in mw3 with prestige tokens. Maybe entering prestige will unlock a new mp or zombies map or a new gun for mp or zombies?