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Multiplayer Idea

My first idea is about Camos:

I was thinking that camo's could be more in depth.In my opinion it would be something after that you unlock after gold.So once you unlock the option you could change the color and design of the gun.A couple of idea's for the color's would be you chose from colors that treyarch can provide then a advanced option would be maybe hexcodes.You would also be able to choose like the primary color and the secondary color.So for example you could do red and blue camo tiger and the blue would replace the black in red tiger.And in addition to adding all these colors maybe we could add some designs too,instead of just like tiger or digital maybe we could add stripes,cheetah,fall(but with our choice of colors and this would require a third color option too)and some others that you guys could for sure think off.


My Second idea is Maps:

This one is not as long but i think you should go back to the map design that MW2 had.They were honestly the best maps.Even the expansion maps were good.Everything about them were great.That was probably the thing made MW2 a good game.If you had the maps that you have in MW3 in MW2 it would of been a par game but that was probably the best thing you did for that game.Your maps were decent in BO but if you kinda went off what IW did in MW2 that would be really great.