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Dear Treyarch,


          As a fan of the Treyarch-made Call of dutys, I have a proposal for the zombie Game modes.


  In Cod WAW there was a mod called "ZombieX" This mod was such a hit that alot of people that I know of , purchased World at War because of this spectacular mod developed by Kill3r (Kill3r Creations).


   So lets get down to business.


          1) Before the rounds starts, Everyone is a "Hunter" ( Survivor )


          2)Before the round starts there is a 2 minute timer.

             - Timer will allow all the players to locate themselves, choose their loadouts or custom classes , and GET READY for the carnage.


          3) When the timer is up, out of all the players, one unlucky survivor will be selected to be the first zombie ( Will have a high amount of health, the ability to infect)

          4) It is the goal of the First zombie to infect the Hunters ( Infections of hunters will take 2 health packs or sodas to cure , as the infected's health will gradually decrease. If hunters die from infection or any other cause, they will respawn as zombies and will have to start kill hunters as well ( normal zombies wont be as powerful as the first zombie of course! )

          5) The Goal of the Hunters is to simply survive the outbreak. They may do so by settting up strategic positions throughout the map and staying in large groups in order to defend themselves effectively. HUNTERS win when the timer runs out in the actual map ( ideally 15-20 minutes )

               -however there could be another way for the hunters to win ( ex. Destroy something or escape in an airship )

          6) There shall be 3 classes ( medic, supplies, assault )



                                                                                       NOW THE CREATIVE TWIST


1) If players run out of ammo, there will be some sort of mystery boxes.

catch:  The mystery boxes shall be located in the very open parts of the map which the zombies could possibly lurk around. (teamwork will be put to test)


2) Within the 15-20 minute timer of the round, there will be somesort of time cycle

catch: at certain parts of the match, it will be noticeable darker ( thus easier for the zombies to feast )

    Or maybe if a zombie is able to sabotage the power ( thus hunter's task to restore the power )

3) Now IF the zombies are able to sucessfully wipeout all the hunters, the player with the highest score shall respawn into somesort of supersuit equipped with an arsenal of weapons ( THIS PART OF THE GAME IS FUN : based from experience ) giving him a chance to win the match.

4) The Player who was randomly selected be play as the first zombie will be exempt from being randomly chosen in the next rounds or map swap.


5) There will be a TIER 1 Weapons room full of futuristic powerful goodies in a part of the map that will be difficult for the hunters to get to, as getting there will leave them very exposed to the horde of player zombies.

6) zombies can have basic perks ( set in custom class) that enhance sprint, sprint duration, health, ability to throw their limbs.


7 about 40+ players ( THIS IS VERY POSSIBLE : it was done in Cod World at War with even more players than 40 )


8) Maps Will Have a mix of both outdoor and indoor

-Labs ( that are dark and have a flashing alarm light only )



-custom player made maps ( if you are so kind to allow mods :| )



                                                                                              KILL STREAKS


1) Just a somesort of UAV

2) Or a small amount of ammo will be recieved



1) zombie dogs

2) Infection ability granted to all zombies for about 30 seconds

3) BLOOD SMELL ( Kinda like a UAV for zombies which is in their instinct )

    - dont worry it wont be as accurate as the Hunter UAV!





Thank you hearing me out!

                                                    Do let me know what you think. I know this game mode is Ridiculously fun as it is based on actual Zombiex experience!


    yea but for that it would be the same as MW3 and the infected would have to get stronger as time progresses and for one person infected 5-10 Computer zombies will follow it.


      I dont think there woul be anymore need to make the infected stronger.


      1) There will be more infected as the match progresses because of the first zombie doing his job.I dont really see the need to add Cpu. Cod WAW was the first to have it and it was the best mod ever. The only cpu will be the zombie dogs from zombie killstreak.


      2) As the round progresses The Hunters would of had killed alot of player zombies. This means that they would be running out of ammunition. 5-10 cpu zombies + Stronger zombies+ limited hunter ammo doesn't give hunters a chance to win.


    There will be zombies, As everyone knows.

    But their will be a twist, such as new features which include:


    •Using the Multiplayer Engine,(Conf.) Which means we could be getting up to 16 players in zombies, also leads to the questions which is: Will there be a PvP Sorta thing?

    •There will be different modes. (Conf.)

    •Bigger Maps (Conf.)

    •More Zombies (Conf.)





    More to be released soon.