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Whats next for Call of Duty?


Is Call of Duty coming to an end? There are a few different pieces of evidence that may suggest that it is. We all know that Black Ops 2 is the next installment, but what comes after that? Where does the series go? MW4? I doubt it. Perhaps the distant future, like year 3000... sounds pretty lame to me. What could Infinity Ward possibly muster up after everything has been done before?


Remember when Activision signed a deal with Microsoft to get DLC a month before other platforms? Well that contract ends this year so perhaps they knew that Black Ops 2 would be the last one.


What about Rob Bowling quitting Infinity Ward. The Modern Warfare series has been making that guy a rich man, why would he quit unless he knew there was nothing left to look forward to. He gets inside info that Black Ops 2 will be the last installment of the series so he quits to persue other avenues in gaming.


Black Ops 2 is confirmed to have a new squad based mode which will allow you to control a full team ala Tom Clancy and other games of the sort. A mode with certain MMO elements that come with it. Now before MW3 was announced there were heavy rumors floating around that the next CoD was going to be an MMO. Perhaps this new mode in Black Ops 2 is a test to see whether or not people would be accepting to an MMO style of CoD, because since the series has been beaten like a dead horse and there really isnt anything left to do unless they want to go far into the future or just completely make something up, then maybe they plan to take the series into a new direction, being MMO.


What do you think? Do you have any ideas on what could come after Black Ops 2? Do you think the series is coming to an end? Would you embrace the developers decision if they decided to change the game from an action FPS into an MMO?

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    Come on people, give me some input on this! What do you think?

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      I think Black Ops 2 will be the last on current console hardware.


      I think there may be a break with no Activision FPS game at 2013, but with a "debut" next gen game with the launch of the new console hardware (best guess mid-2014?)


      This will mean that a new game engine would most likely be designed (possibly out of necessity) that could incorporate many different elements of which we cannot imagine right now.


      I think that Activision will most likely renew the deal with Microsoft for earlier xbox promotions. It will have been lucrative for both parties and I can't see Sony matching the offer.


      I think the biggest drawback to MMO would be lack of dedicated servers, which would still be impossible given the huge and expanding player count (unless Activision does a u-turn on their policy) or unless there are significant advances in network functionality on the new consoles.


      Whatever a next gen game brings - I hope the core elements of the CoD FPS shooter remain.

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    I think Call of Duty will continue, there are a lot more wars in history eg, Korea, more World War 2 would be nice, also. I'm not sure what else they could do... World War 1 would be a bit.. terrible.. But yeah.

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    Series go to an end for some gamers when it change to much from the original but for those gamers new gamers will come up.

    And still enough wars/conflict to make games about. Like korea, vietnam, gulfwars and WW2