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Make up your own nOOb story.

Make up your own nOOb story. It can be as funny, dumb, etc, as you wan it to be. Pretend your a nOOb telling a story and talk like one too.
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hay guyzzz!!1111!!!1! thiz one tume ah want kampinguh i waz inz ah tant. thenz ah haerd sumthung aoutside b3caus3 i had muh ded silence device. so iz weant tuh checkuh tuh seez wut it wazzuh. then ah checkuhed. it waz uh biguh mashmallow. i wuz suh happize cause i alweady haduh kampfurah going. i weally love tuh roast tuh mashmallowz wh!lz i cump. then iz heard ahnuther stwange noize, so i used muh sleight of hand proz so i culd switchzuh to muh flashlite. thun i shone muh flashlightz at tuh noize but nuthing waz tuher. so az i wuz woasting muh mashmallowz i saw ah ev!l mokeyz. i wuz so scareduh. thun tuh monkuy came down and askededededed if it couldza hava mushmallowz so i s4id "okuh dokuh" and wez had mashmallowz tuh guther. i wuz so scarededed. at furst i wuz like: dslnk;ldsn, then i  wuz like lololololololjkdsjkdsjkgkidsj

Your turn.