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Idea's for zombies, i will make them into my next commentary

I hope you all are so keen for BO2 ZOMBIES LIKE HOW I AM!     


Please post below your wishlist u want for BO2 Zombies, example, Pro perks, more perks, famous people, gun ideas everything, this will be apart of a video i will be doing, i thought what about if i make a video with the best things i herd from the forums, and saying what the community wants! 

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    ok here is my wish list  to see in the upcoming zombies


    1 each person should get to pick what guns they get out of the box take all the guns from waw bo1 and bo2 and get to chose what you get like a custom class setup example: let’s say you have to pick a certain amount of pistols explosive weapons assault rifles lmg's smg's wonder weapons and special weapons so it still keeps a sort of randomness and difficulty but so it’s not the same people with the same guns and you get to pick one wonder weapon to get so everyone could have a wonder weapon


    2 story mode so people can catch up on the story and classic survival mode





    3 a box to buy attachments and camo from


    4 more tiers for pack a punch and perks unlocked after a certain round example : round 30 tier 2 round 40 tier 3 round 50 tier 4 and then it stops


    5 more melee weapons example : katana battle axe machete etc


    6 difficulty lets say like the campaign settings easy through veteran so it can be challenging for the serious zombie player like myself or easy so new people can get used to zombies




    7 the ability to buy all the perks instead of having to do something ridiculous to get all the perks


    8 new bosses i liked goerge he was a little hard to kill but after you did he gave you a free perk but i disliked the moon boss because he was to easy to kill but if he grabed you he took your perk which was rediculous




    9 theater mode that records the ingame chat


    10 seperate zombies dlc so you didn’t have to get the multiplayer map packs to


    11 bring back flamethrower




    12 a perk that lets you keep your perks if you go down but make it ridiculously expensive



    13 character customization example voice gender skin color outfits etc



    Thank you for reading sorry for my bad grammar  but does anyone agree


    after you make your commentary you should leave a link here on this discusion

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    my wishlist

    1.Bigger maps

    2.Map idea: Atlantis

    Map effetct:Every once in while it will rain but the zombies are slower

    There are massive slides around the city/map and there are some pads at the bottom of the slide which randomly send you to different places like a slignshot but you have to pay 500 for the pads

    Traps (forget to mention in the tilte): There are floors which open up for 1000 and it takes anything that falls into it and takes it to the bottom of the map

    One special weapon would be it turns the zombies hit into water called the liquifer and a special equipment would be it drains out then energy/liquids of the zombies which ran past it and it slows down all zombies dramitically and when you click LB it exploxedes and blast away all close zombies

    3. C4 equipment and camera laser detonated mines electro-magnetic bombs

    4.all black ops and waw guns

    5. attachments to guns can be bought before the game with cod points

    6.longer final stand with  a timer


    8.You can travel between certain maps

    9.A perk which when you go down you duoble x and you revive yourself but it cant be bought again once in one game

    10. there is more than one boss in one map but only one can be spawned at a time

    11.You can buy armor not just juggernaut

    12.some zombie explod with a headshot

    13.zombies less likely to go into **** train and become smarter.

    14. zombies will try to trap you.

    15.zombie camofaluge for 15 seconnds and they think your a zombie



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    i think there should be a wonder weapon that is called the irradiator wen you shoot it stoot at a zombie it the zombie melts or vaporizes you choose          when you pack a punch it, the vaporize or the melt speeds up and leaves a puddle wen zombies step in it, it affects the zombie.

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    commentary you do comentarys on youtube?

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    i fuken love the idea of the random box containing all weapons from waw, bo 1 and bo 2. also make the "magical guns" have like a 1% chance of getting picked so we dont have a team of em. but nice ideas

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      I really liked this one guy's idea, but I couldn't find the thread anymore. His idea was a zombies "team tac" mode which consisted of 4 players with specific roles and no waves, just an endless hoard that gets stronger. There is a designated sniper who sits in a perch outside of map and just acts as a support guy, one medic that can revive (limited number of revives), an engineer which can repair barricades and stuff, and one demolitionist that can use explosives. No one can use another person's skill, for example the engineer can't revive people. Private matches would let you assign the roles to the 4 players, while pub. matches would assign roles randomly. It can be played with only 3 people (excluding sniper) but it is recommended that there are 4. All credit goes to whoever originally came up with this, I'm sorry I couldn't find his thread to link/cite. Hope you guys like this idea as much as I did!

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    what we really need is a Max Ammo or any pack-a-punched max ammo wall buy because, when your at round 37 and your last max ammo was 5 or 6 rounds ago and you have an RPK or some kind of mystery box gun like that. That is really what we all need/want

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    i would like two see a story mode or a mode you can beat.and i like the idea of the machete much like the bowie knife on kino der toten

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    I Love it how i start getting more comments on this after i make the videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYPQxzuDjv4&list=UU2rIZ700IG6pv8MctGliosQ&index= 1&feature=plcp


    but because i made the video and i got more responses i will be definetly be doing another one!
    This Time it will Be with LiquidForce1018!
    Get Keen probly will be made in 4-5 days!

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    Customization for your guns, camo, attachments, sights etc.


    Also mutual agreement on pausing the game.

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    • Custom Character (Would be a nice feature to map your own face into game like in Rainbow Six) With Custom Clothing, and Armour Unlocks that could be achieved by reaching high levels giving an additional bonus to work for.
    • Ammo Dump: Id like to see a random spawn of an Ammo dump on the map during a zombie wave that a team would have to work together to cover and hold whilst individuals replenish their supplies.
    • Safe Room, Like the Teleport room on Kino where you can to aid your friends with sniper or heavy guns without fear of ambush for a short while (but longer than teleport room)
    • Maintain Nazi Zombies as Nazi Zombies, there's something more fun about killing Zombies that are dressed in military Nazi uniforms.
    • New Zombies: Standard Runner Zombies, Solider Zombies with perhaps a pistol or gun they randomly fire off (poor aim) but drops ammo and gun on death, Heavy Zombie like Juggernaut on MW2 makes that terrifying drum sound so you know he's coming and can take some serious beating also with a heavy gun but being dead can't shoot straight.
    • Gun Turret, a heavy machine gun that requires one player to hold and feed ammo whilst another uses a gun like death machine (share points for this)
    • Melee Weapons, ability to pick up random objects and utilize as melee weapons such as metal poles, glass bottles, chairs etc, they could have a limited use but handy when your low on ammo.
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    Alright, these are just some ideas I liked. 

    1.  U find parts in the map and by killing zombies.  These parts make a gun depending on what your proficiency is ( I'll get to this later). 

    2. Proficiencies- you choose these at the beginning of your zombies career and you get better at them as you level up (ex. Mele, SMG's, LMG's, assault, sniper, medic, grenades, special.)


    Back to number 1- the gun you have made sticks with you for the rest of the game and can be found on your d-pad.  Lets take the katana for example.  You can easily switch to it by pressing left on the d-pad.  Then to switch back u press triangle.  These weapons can still run out of ammo, but can't be replaced.  You can get max ammos for them (obviously katana wouldn't need one).  Now the gun starts sucky, like M1911.  As you Upgrade it more, the stronger the gun gets till it becomes a WMD, killing anything.  This process would probably take you to level 60 to fully upgrade. 


    3.  As you get farther in levels, I think zombies needs to increase in numbers and not strength.  Maybe add a little strength every once in a while, but I still prefer to kill my zombies, not letting them chase me for 20 mins before they finally just die (yeah, it happens). 


    4.  They need to have some sort of game mode involving vehicles.  Here's a link to my idea.  If u like it, please implement because I really want to see this in an upcoming cod game.  Maybe one focused on zombies.  http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200425055.   And.    http://community.callofduty.com/message/205607797#205607797

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    the idea that when you open one door that it changes the shape of the map by sealing another, and that certain patterns have to be used to gain entrance to perks


    the oppurtinity to buy attatchments of the walls, but not rapidfire or more powerful rounds

    aka with an appearance of the flamethrower attachment


    the idea that a torch must be used in cohesion with a pistol to light a certain room to access a perk or the box.


    the ability to place blocks of wire to not seal but to bottle neck zombies.

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    There's one thing I want...

    4 player.

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      hmm, i think 8 players will work, but it depends on how they play it, if they have tiny maps with everything cramped, then it will suck. If they have huge expanses of map, but with quick ways of getting around like ziplines and hoverpads etc, it may just work. I don't see how you can hate on such an open idea until you try it, until more info has been released, i say we keep our minds open

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    1) I want to see modding/map design tools that work across all platforms. Someone has a map design account, and then their game account. For xbox your gamer tag would be your game account, and then you would have a map design account. When you make a zombies map, players on all platforms can enjoy it, because of this separate account. You would create the map on a PC, no matter what game version you had. It was a huge thing on the World at War PC game, and I want to see it on consoles.

    2) I want to see 12 maps included with the game. 6 new maps, 3 maps from previous games/map packs, and three World at War mods chosen and graphically enhanced by Treyarch. Imagine what it would be like if everyone could play a map like War Zone, or Hello Kitty, right out of the box. 6 maps shouldn’t be too hard, since the zombie team now has a lot of freedom.

    3) A group inventory where players can exchange points, weapons, perks, and other things. Just push select.

    4) Time in between, like survival from MW3. If you forget to have a crawler, you have 30 seconds to get yourself ready for the next round. This would also really benifit people who just died and need to get ready to fight more zombies.

    5) Infection mode. ‘Nuff said.

    6) Lots of customization of your zombies game. Before the game, you can select what kinds of power-ups you want, what kinds of weapons you want in the mystery box, who you are, your starting pistol, difficulty level, etc.

    7) The Zombies iOS app has a little indicator that shows when there is a zombie next to you that you cannot see. This would be really helpful on the console versions.

    8) Not every map needs to have the box. People have become so dependent on it now, it sometimes turns the game of Zombies into a game of luck.

    9) More variety with the map sizes. I want to see another small map like Nacht Der Untoten, and I want to see a huge map like Ascension.


    Where could I find the commentary? What is your YouTube account?