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WOW! Just started playing this game.


I really like the gameplay online. I have played a lot of other shooters Black ops, MW2 and 3, Shadowrun, Warsow, Quake, Unreal tournament 1 and 3. I have never seen hacking out of control like I did last night on this game. I had heard that it was bad but had no idea. I did get into some lobbies that were normal and really fun, but the ones I got into that were hacked were ridiculous. There were guys that were in god mode, using their hands as guns fast forwarding and slow motioning and flying around.Their Gamertags were scrolling colors as well! They make no attempt to even be discreet about it. I was actually discouraged at Gamestop from buying this game due to the hacking when I did buy it thinking that they were exaggerating but lo and  behold it is worse than I thought. I did report everyone I saw using hacks but I don't think it will do any good. It is really sad that the community is ruining a really cool game. If you think that hacking is ok think about this. All the people that aren't hacking cannot get kills because you are fast forwarding and slow motioning their movements not to mention what satisfaction do you get from going like 50-0 when you know it didn't take any skill? I will keep playing and reporting cheaters, and hackers, then leave the lobby. If you are a straight player and someone in the lobby you are in is cheating or hacking report them and then leave the lobby eventually the cheaters will have no one who will play with them when everyone leaves the lobby they are in. If Treyarch, Activision, and Microsoft won't do anything about it then we as a community must. Thanks.

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    What blows me away is that Activision has the audacity to still sell map packs and map pack bundles, yet they don't give a crap about updating or supporting the game ever again.


    That is theft, if you ask me. They continue to take our money, but have already walked away from supporting the app. They should state this truth in their terms and conditions before each sale of a map pack. Something like "This product is no longer supported" (but we can still steal your money if you like).


    Just a major disappointment...