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**CUSTOMIZATION in Zombies**/ Ranking System!!!

Ranking up in zombies is something I've wanted to do since WaW. I always thought, the only thing you get from playing zombies is the entertainment and bragging rights i guess... you never unlocked new things, or ranked up. The only thing that has kind of destroyed the idea of ranking up is that there is nothing to unlock. Unlocking weapons would be kinda stupid, but what about maps... stay with me here, what I mean is you can unlock things like traps and buildings, etc. to use to make a custom zombies map. You can unlock like different types of zombies (napalm, screechers, etc.) and set when they first appear for your map, and unlock sandbag walls or decorations for the actual map. Then you can upload those maps to the community maps section, and share it with the rest of the world. Treyarch could kind of do a weekly favorite of theirs from the community maps, which will not only give us ideas for new maps we can make, but also Treyarch as well. This will make Zombies way more interactive with the community, and also make it more purposeful to play.


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