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Triggerz Uk and overseas clan starting and recruiting read plz you will love



Hey whats up guys im Zendo Ninja and the leader of Triggerz




You MUST have all of the bellow to gain entry to Triggerz


you must have call of duty elite premium or founder membership i know this seems harsh but i have to be.


you must have an xbox live mic/ headset


you must be above the age of 16 or be mature at least



Having said all that what are we going to be doing in this clan you ask


well i want Triggerz to go all the way to the top and i mean it this is a VERY serious clan but dont worry we have a laugh too and its all fun no rage. we will be leveling the clan via elite and also we will be playing gamebattles in the future and clan practices and the time inbetween we will party up and pub stomp or go privet matches and do scrims and qs/ns lobbys but their only for fun
we will also have clan meetings weekly and player of the months and things like that to keep the clan fun.


p.s the first few weeks will be all setting up and just playing online so bare with us were new and 1 more thing K/D AND W/L to us dosnt matter we would prefer if you was a good player but if not we can train you and ill do 1 on 1 prvt sessions if you need them.


so if you fit the requirements and want to try us out then reply to this or better yet message me on xbox on my gamertag Zendo Ninja