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Thank God!!! I didn't pay for the DLC

wierd worlds are these

I have it and I am glad I did not pay for it as it was bought for me as a thank you for helping sort some stuff out for someone (MW3SA).


Played atleast 1 game on each new map, and let me tell you now there are some serious issues with them.


Spawn's are a joke


Camper's will have a field day playing all of these map's except the new version of "High Rise" from MW2 as the map's are basically designed around camping.


Dependant on what team you are on, on some map's you cannot see the enemies properly because there uniform blends in with the colours perfectly making it almost impossible to spot, the enemies from a distance.


There is no set structure to them at all, you run down one corridor or alley way and bang you are in a wide open space or blocked in and cannot go anywhere but backwords.


The wall's etc on the map's are basically made out of newspaper as any gun can shoot through the basically.


Snipers will love the map with the crashed airplane in it as it is designed for camping and sniping.


No choice of what gametype you want to play, other than "Collection 1 TDM/DOM & KC" "Collection 2 OBJ" "Collection 3 HC Richochet" can't remember the actual gametype of the hardcore option.



Simple thing to do is, if you are not interested in playing on poorly designed and thought out map's DO NOT!!!! buy the DLC as you will regret it.


All I can say is thank god I didn't waste my money on it.


I will however keep playing them and try to get some footage up for those who wish to see just how bad they actually are.

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    I am 60% of the way through the download - can I cancel and get my money back????????


    Hehehe, I must have more money than sense


    There's always BF3 to fall back on.

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      Activision would like to thank you for ignoring their lack of support and for purchasing the DLC anyway.

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        I am a sucker. But I do like the new maps - played on some last night. Have yet to play survival or the new spec ops missions.


        I am also slightly pleased that the other game modes like FFA Gun Play and Infected are also now available (I think that was part of yesterday's patch though, rather than DLC)


        At £11.49 it is a bit steep. I think that some sympathy could have been shown to the PC community and the DLC should have been priced at around £6.49. I know some think it should be free (and to a certain extent I agree), but that will never happen - so I am being more realistic about it.


        I feel I have paid a bit over the odds for what I have received - but there ya go, I just had to have it.