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...Unless they go about fixing many issues.

  • No deathstreaks

          - Dead man's hand; final stand; painkiller, all of them need to be removed, you dont deserve to be rewarded for sucking.

  • No killing rewards or EMP in support package

          - Again you shouldn't be rewarded for sucking. Support rewards shouldn't kill players or vehicles.

  • Make the snipers like they were in Black Ops 1

          - take notice as to how none of the good snipers cared, only the whiny 12 year old trickshotters did.  Sniping in MW3 is too easy

  • Fix the spawn system

           - MW3 Was terrible 

  • Fix lag compensation

          - When I take cover, bullets shouldn't follow me around the wall, this isn't Wanted and none of the players are Angelina Joeli

  • Nerf Assassin/Ghost

          - After WaW and CoD4, everyone complained about removing juggernaut, the argument against it was that the next thing would be stopping power. Then people wanted to remove Stopping Power and the argument against that was the next thing would be Cold-Blooded. Here we are now. Just make the stealth perk only able to protect from UAV. That is all. No protection from CUAV and can still be seen on portable radar. Don't make it a super perk again, it slows down gameplay

  • Balanced weapons

          - No FMG9/ACR/GALIL/FAMAS - esque weapons again. Make all weapons equal with their own pros and cons, don't make all around good guns.    

  • Don't reward bad players

          - Reward the good players not the bad ones, make this game great for good players and make bad players want to get better

  • Add incentive to prestige

         - In MW3 and Black Ops there was no point in prestiging. Black Ops upped the anti by not allowing people to get gold guns until 14th prestige.  Up the ante again Treyarch. Maybe add special weapons such as the crossbow/ballistic knife. Or maybe allow all gold equipment such as grenades, claymores, secondaries etc.


Overall I belive in Treyarch, they did a decent job with Black Ops and hopefully will do better this time. If this CoD isn't good, I am done with CoD. This is their last straw so they better make it count.

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    Why..? we have seen this list many times already. Treyarch know what they are doing.

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    I didn't know you worked there, glad to know we have a spy that's in on this! In all seriousness, these topics need to be stressed. CoD has been running strong for 5 years now and not much has changed with the developers and their communication with the community. That needs to change.

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    Don't reward bad players


    Are you suggesting the removal of the Support Strike Package? If you do then I have to disagree with you. What the SSP did is it allowed objective players to play the objective without fear of dying. If they remove that then it will only encourage the kill whores not to play the objective.

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    No I'm saying don't reward bad players. Can you not read? The support package is good but things like the EMP, Stealth Bomber, Airdrop Trap, Juggernaut(He shouldn't have a pistol), Remote Turret, Escort Airdrop, and Ballisitc Vest. Everything else was fine, bad players shouldn't be rewarded by getting the ability to hurt good players. The objective means nothing in CoD. W/L only shows how much you play with a party.

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    A player playing the objective can go 18/30+ in a game of Domination and still top the leaderboard by focusing on the objective. By his KD, he falls under the "bad player" definition, and by your logic, he shouldn't be rewarded for his efforts. I disagree with you that the Support should not be able to kill nor stop someone's killstreak. The SSP is fine the way it is.


    I suggest you man up and stop whining.

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    I agree with Run N Gun. And I think your reply to him was extremely arrogant,. You said not to reward "bad players" and gave no explanation. What is your definition of a "bad" player? The game is meant to be fun for everyone, not a professional league. What are you basing this on, K/D??? I have seen plenty of so-called "good" players go 25-3(just randomly picked those numbers to make the point) in TDM and their team LOSE. Why? Because they played selfishly and put their teammates in a position to be spawn killed or just plain didn't support them. Good players SUPPORT their team. The game has always rewarded only those who get high kill streaks, and those players have used it as a crutch to get high K/Ds (see stackable killstreaks in MW2). The CoD series has always rewarded those types of players, and the one thing MW3 succeeded in (to a degree, the support class is not perfect and could use tweaking) is rewarding all types of "good" players, not just those who go on crazy kill streaks, and encouraging casual players to help their team out. There are different levels of "good" players out there, my friend. Sure some are beast-like and fast, incredibly accurate. Others are logical and strategic, and others aree just plain clutch when they need to be.


    I've had games where I've gone negative and been the most valuable player on my team... maybe not on the scoreboard but in other ways. I've been persistent enough to break through the enemy lines and turn the tide of the game to favor my team. Are there "bad" players out there? Sure there are. But it doesn't mean they shouldn't enjoy the game as well. I am tired of this attitude from posters on here about how "bad" players are bringing them down. Lets face it, "bad" players are not the issue, its so called "good" players who take advantage of exploits within the game that ruin it for others.  You may think you are a "good" player, and that may even be true... but a GREAT player makes his team better, has fun, and shows good sportsmanship and a little humility.

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    They have been stressed enough dude! Treyarch got this!!

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    Plus, all of this has been covered in numerous threads so far. I think what he was saying is its been brought up and debated repeatedly.

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