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A Few Ideas for BO II Multiplayer

1. A non-respawn game other than search and destroy (no respawn = stealth, which = fun).


2. Also, in regards to search, Plz lock the lobby once a team has won 3 rounds. Half of my games are a loss from joining matches that are either 0-3 or 3-3 even though I didn't get a chance to play or even spawn. Too many people rage quit in this game mode. Maybe penalize harsher for doing that instead of just giving them a game loss. Maybe have a whole seperate stat called "Rage Quits".


3. Add female characters and make it so you cannot change the gender once chosen (This will deter players from messing around and chosing the opposite sex).


4. Give us more customization (camouflage).


5. Insert a "Mute All Mics" button in the option menu (we cannot stand to hear screaming 12 year olds when we join a lobby).


6. Split screen issues: Split screener should be logged in with another account. Split screeners should also have their own stats. Fix the split screen boosting problem by giving no credit for killing your own split screener.



Please do not continue these fails from MW3:

The inability to join someone's party without invite (The host should have the right to make their party public or private).

The terrible theater mode features and functions

Too many choices for killstreaks

No combat record to check others' stats



The most important idea: Keep Black Ops as Black Ops and do not follow MW.


Thank you and have a nice day!!!