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Serious Bad Luck Lately (MOAB Fails)


So I am looking for some advice.. I haven't been able to get a MOAB in the last few weeks and its starting to get very frustrating. I've been getting 1 or 2 away only to be killed. For example last night I was 2 away and got too close to someone that had dead mans hand :(. I'm looking for some advise on game mode's to play, also should I start playing with a party?


Also I know it might seem selfish to just play to get a MOAB, but I do try to play the objective as much as possible, and going for MOAB's is just keeping the game interesting :). Thanks for any tips and advice guys!

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    Don't die until you get the MOAB.

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    First off dont say sorry or apologize for going for moabs, you paid the money for your game, so you play how u want my friend. But it is easier to get one if say you are playing domination and you have two out of the three flags caps Just remember to have fun too!


    But some key tips when you get close to a moab, because i go for them a lot is when you are getting that close, just play like you always have been playing in the game, dont do anything out of the ordinary, like rush all out, unless time is going out. If you were rushing and getting the moab, dont change, and if you were playing a lil defensive, you might have to change a little bit like i was saying depending on the score. But you just have to play smart and pick and choose your gunfights carefully. Practice makes perfect, and you are gonna fail, you just have to pick yourself up, and keep trying. Domination, Kill Confirmed are the best Gametypes. And If you play with a full team and everyone is going for them, thats gona be fun but it might be a little hard, so one or two members of your team will do. Playing by yourself is not a bad thing too when going for them. Good Luck!