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This will make some people happy

Okey. I see and I wand that there comes a new game mode and maps but then for Snipers.




Okey. In MW3 you dont have really " Sniper " maps. I mean really for snipers, not quickscope but really sniping.

I want a map that is :

- In the Night

- That is bigger and have more buildings and Higher building that you can come really high. (I See in Foundation a stair but its broken in the middle, but it ends pritty high. I would liked if you can come on that stair)

- Much more hiding spots (And remember its sniper only so dont camping really sniping)

- Its raining ore something. Something that makes it really hard.

- Maybe in a mounten or in a big city whit big and high building (And that you can also come high in the buildings not that it is 1 level high no it must be really high)




Also i have some suggestions for the Snipers :

- NightVission

- Lasers

- A working bipod

- More camo's

- Bether camo for your player ingame.

- Also that you can use on snipers not 2 but three attachements like : NightVission scope; Laser; Bipod




Also (ofcourse) for that maps should be a " Sniper only " game mode.

A game mode that you can only use sniper classes and if you choose a normal weapon like if you choose a G36C or something there comes a popup : Sorry you cant use that weapon in this gamemode! Please use a Sniper weapon.



What do you thing of my suggestions?

Do you like them?

Please post a reaction.

And Activsion ore somebody please use this suggestions. It will make many people happy.