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Error : Files different from that server & unbound Killstreaks

First of all hello everyone


         Second : I have tired to report hackers over and over and over.... In what kind of god should i pray to clean the steam community from them?


         Third : I am one good fan of Call of Duty not Steam i had Cod1-2-3 cod4 or mw world at war - mw2 - mw3 never tried black ops i have bought so many DLC's... and now i feel idiot with this errors ..... iw has fell from my faithfull eyes i had from them.


         Fourth : my opinion is that we payed a lot to them..... and we are not have support in nothing.


         Five : Why elite not on pc heh? we are from different planet? dont we pay the same money with xbox or ps3? why you throw us iw?


        Six : and if all this sucks and finally you say what tha F***c i will play a game to relax...you make 1 2 3 4 5 kills and you see the word unbound      on predator missile? how will your nerves calm after that? heh?


        Seven : To open the nat was sooooooooooooo f^^^^^g difficult and the site for help was sooooooooo old than the most routers wasn't in.


       If you think im not fair dont vote to all of this if you think im fair vote with + on a comment.


      Im open mind and i would like an admin or a person from infinity to contact with me or to solve my problems..... Can they?


      Ooooooo I forgot they work at black ops 2 now. Sorry guys you are so busy.


http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/578956129107105495/D5960C90B043E444B6F121510CE 51ADA87D6110F/


Save a Tree dont Ctrl + P.........