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PS3 Drop Zone Clan looking for Elite Premium Members



     Hello, I'm Mark aka wartoyz creator of the !WaR aka We_are_Raw clan.we are looking for new members that enjoy playing Drop Zone. We don't care about KDR's, only score being that Drop zone kills don't count. We do require you have a mic and a premium membership, we do play every clan op and are a level 15 gold clan tag team. Search for We_are_Raw in the clan search or go to: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/824205


You can reply to this and I'll send you a invite to play, finding a good clan that are cool people is very important, we don't use egos or harass others. We are very down to earth and realize there is more to MW3 then kill death ratios. Most of our members have 40 wins straight and have very high win loss ratio. 


If you want to play with the best know We_are_Raw!!


Thank You,

Mark aka wartoyz

Creator of We_are_Raw