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Pleased With Mapping Of DLC... FINALLY!!!

I was just checking out the newest DLC (Foundation and Sanctuary) on my PS3 and have to give a lil 'hey,hey' to the development staff.


It seems they made more areas accessible for hiding in and around.  Thanks for being a little real with making sure we could hide and camp in a bush (if we so choose), thanks for making ambushing techniques more realistic.  Thanks for not focusing on 10 year olds when mapping the 'playable areas' in this content.


I only hope this is continued in upcoming releases.  If you want an example of WHAT NOT TO DO when 'mapping' an area for playability; check out the Apartment Complex in MW2's first DLC.  I think its called 'Mroning Wood'.  While its size meant for intense guninng, they did not allow areas access that should have been.  Lets not even get into Black Ops mistakes of a puddle preventing placement of a claymore, etc.


Keep mapping more ande more playable areas into content.  While a lot of kids will compain about it, it will bering back the audience this game was rated for (again, Im not about rating systems but as of late this game is mapped for 8 year olds who dont ujnderstand cover/concealment fighting styles).