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Domination Question.?

My question is how does domination work on Clan Ops?

I know you gotta catch the flags & w.e .. but wats the fastest way to get alot? .


btw.. If the whole team its on the flag does it count for all?


Please answer my question.. i needa know & my whole clan its asking the same question..


Thank you.

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    exactly wat are u asking wat counts for all the pointstreak r the score

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    only the first person on point A,B, or C gets the capture point (regarding clan ops) this is why it says player X captured point B for example..... not every 1 on the capture will recieve a capture point during clan ops just that 1 person although the more people on there will speed up the process of the capture and all players will recieve the 150 player xp for the capture towards ranking up.


    hope this resolves your question

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      What he said ^^^

      The best thing to do to get cap's is let the other team capture a point then quickly take it back.

      Ye could move together and take one flag at a time, for example, you spawn at games start on A, cap it, enemy spawn on C, they cap that. Let them take B, move to C to cap it. Move onto B while the enemy head to A. Going in this way will allow the enemy to cap flags, which you need them to do so you can re-capture them for Elite.

      You could also break into 2 groups and camp 2 points. Allow the enemy to cap these points then pop out of your hiding spot, kill and re-capture and then hide again and try and repeat.