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Starting a new clan!  dmc   ( wii pc xbox ps3 )



well we finally did it, me and wolfy made a clan here is the member list



Founders / leaders :






Members :


chicken black

chicken white

chicken probly asian since he does more tricks



If you want to join, you must be like us :


our requirements :


gotta have :


a good dance outfit

a good dance kd

good muscles so you can dance well

dance skills!

Like the chickens, if you die youre out.



if not we hold a trybattle, i do a dance, you act like me



here is our video to show who we are : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2-FzPh8Ic4

me and wolfy battleling in a dance battle, we try to keep it clean... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsa39J485i4


Rules :


no clan hopping,

no double clanning

no nubetubs

no fmg's

only fmg akimbo is allowed.



Thank you for reading, and we hope to get a new member.


Why did i post this here? well the clan hq is full with hd console clans sorry.



Thank you,


Co leader silent of dance mega cool aka  DMC