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What's the general consensus on shotguns these days?? VIDEO NOW ATTACHED!!!


I've been using shotguns for the first time in the past few days, 1 shotgun in particular infact. I have made my own mind up about what I think about it / them, and was thinking about posting some vids / a vid of it in action with a wee commentary about best ways to use it etc etc.


I don't wanna make the video if people turn round and say shotguns are noobish, easy to use and require no skill.


What's your thoughts on them? Truthfully.


FYI I'm running and gunning on TDM in the hunt for a shotty only Moab. And I'm getting close.




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    Shot guns are fun. BUT i think the range they can acheive and damage the do with the range is a little bit OP. Picture this because i dont know distances in maps. In Dome i was coming out of the Dome and a guy was coming out of the bunker where the C Dom flag is, and he shot twice and i was dead. I mean its a fare distance from the dome to the entrance of the bunker, i just think that, that was a little bit far fetched and OP

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    The range can be a little far fetched at times, sometimes you have to watch the killcam to realise it was a shotgun from half the map away

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    Shotguns aren't nooby, they're the most difficult gun type to use and constantly do well with. It takes time to get them to a level where they're useable (pump/lever action).

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    Thanks for your responses so far, I agree they are not nooby, but some will disagree. I get that the range can be a bit mad at times but in the same token, they are inconsistent at times at point blank.


    I have just recorded a pile of clips and 1 full game which I will piece together and post later maybe.


    I honestly believe people who are struggling to go positive should try the shottys out. I'm honestly having more fun, and getting a higher KD using shotties than ARs. And my KD in my main acct is 2.63. All I think that's needed is knowledge of the maps and move around in an efficient manner.


    My shotty only acct is at 2.75 ha ha. Got a 21 killstreak lastnight on interchange with 4 assists!!!! (no hardline pro yet).




    Had numerous 18+ streaks, the Moab will come soon I hope :)

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    Dylan so he needed two shots and you still didn’t kill him, then that’s all you. Besides most “long range” kills shotguns get are on already damaged enemies..


    Shotguns strength without damage on is laughable. Range doesn’t do much other than give you a bit more marshmallow range. They are better with damage, since you should be playing cqb and need as many ohks as you can get.


    They are nowhere near OP with range on. You will get hitmarker after hitmarker pre-damage regardless of how good your aim is. They get decent to good with damage on.


    Even the best shotguns are inconstant (striker and usas12). I just had 3 hitmarkers with the usas-12 cbq in a row with damage on, on 1 person, you will get that a lot & then spray down 4 people in a row. They are inconstant, but fun to use, especially in a specialist combo, do to getting Damage and range together.


    Should be some good / entertaining videos to watch then..

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    I don't understand how some players consider shotguns "nooby" & "OP."


    Players who consider shotguns OP generally are those who rarely touch shotguns.


    I can easily go 30+ kills, 5 deaths with say an ACR, MP7 or Type 95 but with most of the shotguns, it's generally harder to maintain a decent K/D ratio with a majority of them.

    Also, out of all the weapon classes, I'd consider shotguns to be the least consistant.


    I enjoy getting killed by a Model 1887 or Spas-12, it gives me hope in knowing players are trying to use a variety of weapons rather than using easy weapons all the time.

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    I hope they are entertaining enough anyway. I'l do a wee comm too. May Mates don't get how I do so well with usas on big maps. I have a technique for moving about the map regardless of gun choice, which helps avoid people getting line of site for a prolonged period. Im Applying that to shottys with the difference being I want to get close to the enemy as opposed to staying away and killing at range ;)


    I have multiple games 18+ streak where I consistently **** the whole team, but not too many nice triples appear in these games :( . So I've taken some little feeds and put them in, and added my 21 streak to the end. How does that sound?


    I got quite a few vids up on YT but not really done something like this before.

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    Same here. If I get killed by someone using the KSG, SPAS or Model, it doesn't bother in the sleightest.

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    The only "noob" one is the striker.  I have nearly 8k kills with the thing so trying not to be a hypocrit here but I used it primarily from prest. 2 - about 6.  I refuse to even equip it on a class now as its just cheap.  The trigger spam makes it so powerful.


    @whytie.  I recently got my model gold after 14 times of getting it to lvl. 20 I finally was able to finish it off since I cant prestige.  Man that is hands down the funnest, most frustrating gun on the game.  I was playing a game with sml on dome a couple weeks ago and did a 52 -20 match with the model after starting 30-2.  I did have a bunch of KS kills in there too but its a bad azz gun and fun to use.  Especially with your style man Id say it or the SPAS are right up your alley.

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