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Zombie Theatre Mode


With Black Ops, CoD took the step in the right direction with Theatre, no longer did we have to spend £110 on a HD PVR to record and upload videos to youtube, so the average gamer could get to do it too. However, Zombies hasn't had this yet, and still requires a disposable income to justify buying one. If we had a theatre mode on zombies where we could do the same, it'd be brilliant. Unlike the normal theatre though, i propose changes for the zombie one:
1. You can upload 10-15 min long sections of video to Youtube, so it could actually work well

2. For an extra Dynamic, bring back Dolly Cams, as if you knew how to use them, they could add some really good, well structured dramatic scenes, the lack of those in MW3 theatre annoyed me, but that was probably down to CoD for not educating people on how to use them. (not our fault).

3. Instead of a timer based rewind system, you can fast-forward/rewind back/forward 1 round, instead of time for editing, as rounds are an easier to remember indicator for editing, because you may remember, oh i Pack a punched my ray gun at round 13, you won't remember: oh, i pack a punched my gun 23 mins into the game.

4. Please, if you are going to base the video upload system on CoD Elite, make it available for those who are using it for free, no one wants to pay a large amount of money for it, as we already bought the DLCs and the game, i really wasn't a fan on CoD Elite's "money-grabbing" subscription system that excluded normal people from their features. Battlefield surpassed you on Social Media engnes with battlelog by making it Free for everyone.


As well as enabling the normal gamer to break into zombie gaming on youtube and share their videos, Treyarch would get a lot more publicity for their game on youtube.

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