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    yes a hotel or casino would be cool, but if they were gonna bring back maps I would like to see








    Also I wouldn't mind seeing Nacht Der Untoten with perks, some people think you can't put perks on Nacht but there are alot of places that people never run to or setup at that you could put perks or just make them flat on the wall like guns and I'd like to see a Pack-A-Punch on Shi No Numa it could come out of the swamp like it came out the water on COTD

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    Too everyone how about they bring back FIve old zombie maps???


    This is my list:


    1) Der Riese - Best zombie map ever made. Great map design, Fast way out, Pack a Punch in a good area.


    2) Ascension - Due to it being the easier Der Riese. This map is good for peope to start, this map was the last map with special rounds.


    3) Kino Der Toten - This map is fast pace. A good map design, and first time Pack a Punch in a safe area.


    4) Shi No Numa - Had the most real feeling out of all the maps. Good trap and was fun.


    5) Moon - Due to how the way to get Pack a Punch is a area where zombies will always spawn. Low Gravity, Hacker. Feels like a great map



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    Second that, What?

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    When you say "with PAP machines on the first three" do you mean Nacht Der Untoten, Verruckt and Shi No Numa because those are World At War maps

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    Treyarch need to make a zombie map in a school or in a mall, possibly a closed off disney land I would like a mickey mouse zombie stronger than other zombies. OOH RAH

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    The WaW maps.

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    I think in a cemetary would be cool and opening a grave that has a secret passage to farther the map


    or a mansion that has a cemetary with a linked secret passage.

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    i think that they should bring back the best of the old maps, Verruckt (needs pack-a-punch), der riese, kino der toten, Ascension, Call of the dead (all with the new guns on the walls and in the box) also add some new maps, say from blackops 1, the multiplayer map Hotel and add guns on walls, and barriers. like what happoned with the frist map, verruckt, der riese and ascension

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    i have a whole bunch of zombie maps for you that have totally new stuff like new power up wonder weapons and designs i am willing to share my ideas so i can play them and i can give new ideas of stuf how about ... got it a zombie story mode and campain and how about you give all the previous zombie map on there so the wont have to keep switchin discs

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    If they bring back any WaW maps they should definitely give them PaP. Maybe at veruckt the PaP should be in the fountain in the middle courtyard.

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