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BEWARE new exploit osprey gunner care package

so i hopped on mw3 today for the first time in a few days and in my first game i noticed something very odd, 2 players from the other team scored osprey gunners in their care packaged back-to-back (3 total). the next game they were on my team and i managed to catch one of them performing the glitch in a corner, it looked similar to the unlimited care package glitch from mw2. he threw a care package, then immediately threw another and one of them was an osprey gunner.


i just joined a third game where we had a player seemingly running solo, but i saw him perform the glitch. needless to say, all 3 players have been reported for exploiting and cheating... so just a heads up to all you ps3 users. if someone is scoring multiple osprey gunners in a game, they are likely abusing the glitch and need to be reported.