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Pre order Prestige Token

its been 3 days since i entered the code and i ahve not received it... game stop had sent me 2 different codes none worked already used..... the live chat with activision didnt help at all.. well if or when will i get it

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    Well i wish you luck...as i had to wait 200hrs for mine...great tip for ya...be nice to the activision reps...they are doin all they can...just live chat with them everyday until you recieve your token. it took me awhile and several back and forths..but eventually it got to the right person...and POOF! i had my token...by the way...all of your conversations are kept in your my support list. which you can see the resolved or unresolved issues. and they will email you as well. i hope this givesyou a glimmer of hope...just be paitent.good luck.

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      Thanks for helping killerconfirmed!


      While the site says that it will take 24 hours, it could take a bit longer. However, in your case, I would recommend contacting phone/chat support so they can collect some additional info. They can then look into your issue.


      You do not need to contact each day, as it could lengthen the process. Upon first contact, they will create a record for you. If they receive any new information, you would be contacted.


      You can log into the support site with your ELITE credentials:




      Here, you can contact live chat support, or find the phone contact info for your region.

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    Same thing happened to me man!!!! Still waiting 3 days later. Activision said all they could do was escalate it to Infinity Ward, and Infinity Ward doesn't even give them a response time or a contact method according to the Activision rep. Does that sound right to you guys?

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    i've been waiting for over 2 weeks, almost 3... been on live support with activision to no avail... so hopefully it will be resolved eventually. it's only a token, so it's not a life or death situation. apparently some get it immediately, some don't. deep breaths help me relax.

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    i got mine about 5 minutes after entering the code i got from game