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More traps treyarch


I would like to see more traps and grenade type stuff. You see claymore and claymore wit spikes bouncy betties ect. I want to see more than 1 on one map and different stuff. since it is based in future war id like to see barriers. i WOULD LOVE and i speak a way to slow down the zombies can you buy off the wall some ensnare or slow down ball that you place in part of map that last hole round and makes the zombies in it slower to get to you. you get 3 then when run out you wait till max ammo again wont make it over powered and will keeep game awesomeness. Also i hope i see if you get lagged out your user can rejoin if you started in the match in the first place. i personal dont have the worst internet but my router makes me mad once in awhile and when you get to round 80 and lag out you should keep that place atleast on leaderboard and or be able to rejoin no foul. treyarch read this please anyways cant w8 but making fans annoyed of the w8 instructive critisim helps more than critisim.