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Elemental Cannon (New Wonder Weapon Idea) *Edited on 04/06/2012 (GB date system)


Name: Element Cannon

Pack a Punched Name: Elemental Fury


Effect: Does one of 4 effects at random:

1. Fire: On contact with a zombie or the ground, leaves a puddle of fire on the ground which kills zombies that walk over it. Lasts for 15 secs. If this effect gets overused, a beserk napalm zombie will spawn when used occasionally, (like if you teleport too much on der riese, you get hellhounds)

2. Water: Fires a continual Stream of water like a police water cannon does for 30 secs. Any Zombie hit by it is knocked to the ground for 10 secs until they get back up. Also knocks teammates to the ground for 5 secs.

3. Earth: Upon shooting at the ground, a crack opens up in the ground. Any zombie walking/running towards you will fall throught the hole and die. If a player walks over it, they teleport to a random location in a similar manner to the gersch device. Lasts for 10 secs

4. Air: Acts in the same way as the thundergun, no difference whatsoever, apart from it  can also blow back teammates  (does not injure them though, can also blow back downed teammates)


Ammo Count: 2 per magazine, 4 in reserve.

Pack a Punch effect: Increases ammo count overall to 10 (including magazine), doesn't increase magazine size. Increases length of time of time related effects by 5 secs.


As well as being a highly powerful wonder weapin with a similar twist to the QED, it can also act as a double edged sword and get yourself or your teammates injured or killed.


AAny response to this would be nice. Thanks