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Nazi Zombie open world gamemode idea


imagine you wake up in an abandoned warehouse everything is pitch black and suddenly you see a hand you grab onto it and the hand pulls you up you see a man with two others behind him he says here and hands you a m1911 he says run they're coming and you run outside to see zombies everywhere and a city in ashes, you start running as fast as you can you grow tired but see a truck slowly moving you sprint toward it a woman tells you to get in you get in and see other people the truck starts moving you fall into a deep sleep you wake up and 7 of your friends are sitting down with you they tell you the apocolypse has happend and 3 missiles from the moon hit spreading some element around earth you take out you gun stand up and ask your friends who's ready to kick some freakbag ass.

Custom character:you choose from weapons,hats,helmets,shirts,jackets,and pants

you choose your hairstyle and facial structure aswell as facial hair

you can choose skills

drunk as a skunk but twice as deadly-increases pistol and projectile damage

take it from the marine-increases assult rifle and smg damage

bladesman honor-increases melee damage

the german-increases raygun damage and speeds up hacking device

transportation:you and you friends can now travel with airplanes,fighter jets,motorcycles,and cars

gamemode style:keeps 4 main characters you just dont play as them yet you fight with them

gamemode features mystery box,PAP,all 9 perks,the hacker,nova crawlers,napalm zombies,screamer zombies,and hellhounds

i know its too much but if treyarch makes an all zombie game i hope they add this

post your ideas below