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Idea for new team gametypes

Hi guys.


I were thinking of a multiplayer team gametype, kinda new one.

One of the teams would start as the "defender team" and the other one as "assault team" (but still under its name like SAS, Specnaz, etc. before). The defenders would spawn in a certain place and would have to... right, defend it from the assaulters. That means, they would be able to e.g. set one MG or a turret somewhere, and they would have to either kill all the assaulters or hold their position till the round ends. The assaulters would have to either kill all defenders or get into their position and secure it - that would take some several seconds (and would help if there was a camper somewhere that didnt kill people but just sit there and wait). This could be set e.g. for 4-6 rounds won, or just like S&D.


And another idea came to my mind - why not making Team Deathmatch set up in rounds? It could be a gametype just like TDM, but people would not respawn, so that the team who kills all others would win a round, and there could be e.g. 10 rounds to win to claim the match. That'd be just the same as Clan Arena in Quake.


What do you guys think of these two?


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    Well,i have been checking if there will be new game modes and i found that there will be im not sure if these are confirmed but they seem legit to me







    (click on the photo so you can see)





    http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?s=37b66345956e3e6b44f246bbf 0351d6b&p=30461226#post30461226

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      Well this sounds like fun, but it would be nice if the devs looked inside this thread and maybe made one of these game modes I really loved Clan Arena in Quake Live. It always makes a nice mix - a large war slowly turning down into a duel or seeking a camper Besides this, in CA every person was given every weapon with full ammo and a double HP, so that the battle doesn't end quickly - here in CoD it could be e.g. 1.5x HP (or double, or even 2.5x, whichever setting makes most fun), full or even double ammo for your weapons, and two or three frag nades (no mater what perk you use).


      Frag nades would be balanced by increased health, huge ammo balanced with no respawn, and the killstreaks of course - these could be of course made available, but once you start controlling e.g. a predator missile, the enemies can take you down easier and get closer to win the round