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Thoughts PLEASE - Screen Jumping and Lag Severe Last Few Days

Hoping for some insight....


Last several days to a week the screen jumping and lagging has been horrible.  Has there been an update which screwed this all up because I have (believe it or not) never had this problem before.  Why the sudden change?  Nothing changed on my end such as new modem/router, etc.


It is sooooo bad that during one game I was behind a player who had zero idea I was there and had fun juming up and down and pretended to knife him and then decided to wipe him out with a well aimed shot to the head execution style...as I pulled the trigger the screen suddenly jumped and I was placed in an area right before finding this guy and instantly found my shot going into a building.  IT HAS BEEN HORRIBLE and I have no clue as to why.


Would appreciate your insights...thank you.


Please note:  This happens whether there are few or many players within each game and on various maps.