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Clan Tag Taken?


My friend s got a clan on ps3 and xbox and he is trying to have the same gold clan tag for both consoles and he cant, so, if a clan from xbox uses WAR as a clan tag a ps3 clan cant use it?

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    or another clan on ps3 already has it....?

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    The tag is used in ELITE so it doesnt matter which console you play on, the tag can only be used once no matter which console its for as ELITE doesnt seperate clans into consoles, they group them all together. 

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    You need to be in one clan....


    Not One for XBL and One for PSN


    Merge the two together into one.


    I believe as leader you need to have an account on both systems or you will not see the ops for the other platform.


    My clan is XBL only... Anyone out there have a cross platform clan willing to share insight?


    ps OP I would change the title of your post to "Cross Platform Clan - Share Elite Clan Tag?"