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Death streaks ? support package with a stealth bomber ? getting rewarded for sucking is what i see.


mdw3 really came with a hole new style to play call of duty. split up perks and the addition as well as the elimination of certain perks which in my opinion were pointless, but to the point!.


since when are rewarding bad players for sucking at the game ?


i knw ! since mdw3 came out =]



and why would they do something like that ?


simple! to keep bad players from stop playing the game!



so what should we do about it ?


-_- cant do nothing,



what do you call a bad player ?



somebody who goes 6 kills and 36 deaths on KC,

only runs support, even tho he sucked he is top dog on that match -_-



damn, is it a personal experience ?


hell yea in fact just happened -__-

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