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Multiplayer Beta?


So I was thinking and I beleive it would be a great Idea to have a Multiplayer beta for this game before its release. Alot of people have lost faith in the COD franchise after how bad they did MW3 and I know alot of people say they wont even bother buying Black Ops 2 out of fear of the same issue. So i think if a good beta was put out to show players "Hey look not everybody will be 1/2 seconds ahead of you!" it would help show that COD isnt going to keep going straight down the toilet like it is now

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    Unlikely to happen. CoD is a cashcow for Activision, and they view an open beta as a way of hurting profits. The goal is to build up the hype.

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    They willl have a beta. Black Ops 1 had a beta but it wasnt open to the public. It was a private beta for people from the gaming industry and big time youtubers. Dont see why they wouldn't do this again since it worked well for black ops 1 and it ironed out many issues on launch day(besides party connectivity). Would be in treyarch's best interest to do this considering how bad MW3 was, and to calm vast majority of the public was pretty much shafted by IW/SH.


    Beta will happen, just not for the public :/


    Best bet would be to look online for beta testers. They hire people to play the game early but once you're done you're required to answer a vast amount of questions in regards to the gameplay and mechanics. Things they look for: People new to the franchise and returning fans that are educated enough to answer the things they ask you. Cant have people beta testing the game that only respond by screaming: Quickscope! bring back quickscoping and YY. Catch my drift?

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    It is said that they have private betas, I'm not so sure of that though, because there is no way in hell MW3 had a beta...private or public.

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      Thats was MW3 though, it was made by the amateurs over at Infinity Ward. Treyarch is on a different developing level than them. Lol In Treyarch we trust

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        in away i agree with you lol. " In Treyarch We Trust "

        i am really excited for zombies this time around.


        I think this is going to be an awesome sequel

        for treyarch and the entire cod franchise lol.

        i feel that call of duty xp and mw3 was more

        of a slap in the face lol, you know what i mean.


        i have to admit i wasn't a big zombies fan period and

        not just for cod but other titles like L.4.D and R.E etc.

        my favorite zombie game from back in the day on nintendo

        was zombies ate my neighbors sorry if i spelled that wrong lol.


        but i am going to have to really disagree lol, treyarch may not be colapsing

        and falling apart like infinity ward lol. but still they need help lol and

        i think we deserve something besides just more DLC.


        treyarch supported us in blops well enough

        and we helped them by giving feedback lol.

        and thats why i agree a beta is an awesome idea.


        How Many Agree Or Disagree?

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    Great Idea!!

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    if the release a beta it should be a closed one. By an open beta most people will not give feedback.

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      then they should wait 2 0r 3 years before releasing a new Call Of Duty Title lol.

      it makes perfect sense. beta or no beta i'll still play it but it would be better off to

      help them work out the issues while in beta testing mode lol.


      there will be alot  more people than you think giving feed back, but the minority are

      those few who won't which and by that time the issues they seen and didn't bother

      giving treyarch any feed back will be reported by the majority lol.


      and of course i'm talking about some of us that know how to use

      a computer or cell phone etc. i am one out of the majority that would tell

      them eveything.


      a closed beta would be a good but better and to others a more harsh approach,

      but premium elite members should get that benefit lol. does anybody agree.


      but an open beta still isn't bad lol, let the free elite mmbers play instead

      and that will solve most of the non feedback problem lol. anybody agree with this lol


      lol, come on people put your thinking caps on and try to be creative and innovative,

      give the devs new ideas and suggestions for blops2 and at least i know i am going to

      try to help the best i can when i am not busy doing other hobbies outside of xbox live lol.

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    The reason there won't ever be a beta for a CoD game is because most of the community is too immature; most will download the beta just to play early, not caring about what needs fixed.

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      well then get rid of the immature ones lol.

      and don't say they can't when they can.


      i understand both sides though its

      just crazy mute them all is what i do

      anyway if i don't know you lol and or

      that they are really badly annoying,

      it takes alot to annoy me.


      Its to be a mature title lol 17+. which a parent or legal guardian

      is able to buy it for them. which is kind understandable lol.

      its just sometimes seems to be unforgiveable lol.


      but enough about immaturity, its never

      going away and that is lame suace lol.

      they rather them be annoying to our ears lol.


      i just think it would still be better off to do a beta lol.

      but just because we want it doesn't mean they are

      going to have one lol. the game still looks great lol.

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      that is true but there is data that you can get from a open beta thats not as vocal compared to a closed beta of vocal people. Such as connection info for lag, and if parties mess it up. they can see how the maps are run and see "well maybe this concrete barrier should be a foot lower it makes that area of the map to easily campable with head glitches" plus there would DEF be vocal people if there were OP guns or OP perk combos.

      Also alot of people are saying in trearch we trust, no i dont trust them because they are still under the cash cow activision and honestly I think blackops 1 while it was great in some areas it was a huge disappointmentin others, the lag issues really got kickstarted there and just carried over to Mw3 and got worse, same with spawns and the game just didnt seem as smooth as MW2 seemed slower moving (i beleive it has a lower FPS)


      so for people like me who have lost faith in COD as a whole a beta is the only thing that will have me buy the game when it releases or even in the first month or 2 and im sure alot of people agree, not enuf to dent activions pockets, but im sure after the fail of Mw3 (which honestly is just the lag system) sales for blackops 2 wont be as great as they expect

      dstr001 wrote:


      The reason there won't ever be a beta for a CoD game is because most of the community is too immature; most will download the beta just to play early, not caring about what needs fixed.