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Face Off and Map Sizes


I went through the 4 new maps with an XM25 and measured the length and width as well as I could, and here's what I got:


Erosion - 59x67

Aground - 73x81

Getaway - 53x66

Lookout - 53x78


The map layouts aren't in Elite yet, but here are some comparisons I did with maps we already have:


Hardhat: 82x76

Bakaara: 120x74

Dome: ~80

Piazza: ~100




So these new maps are smaller, but not that much smaller.  In fact Aground is almost the same size as Dome.


Is there a way to measure map sizes in CoD4 or MW2?  Anyone know how to compare these to Shipment and Rust?


Also, they're getting carried away with the fall-off-the-edge-of-the-map-and-die thing.  Two of the Face Off maps along with Oasis, Sanctuary, Piazza and Overwatch all have places to fall off and die.