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TAC Gamming Community [PC] [XBox] [PS3]

We are looking for Cheat free players to join our Call of Duty community. We are a multi-platform, multi-game community that plays all types of games. Right now we are looking for people to join our [PC], [XBoX], and [PS3] MW3 sections. We are also looking for admins to run our [XBoX] and [PC] Sections. If you are looking for a great place to hang out, have fun and meet new people why not give us a try. If you are interested in joining (PC,XBoX, or PS3) please go to www.tacticalalliedcommand.com and register with our site and then fill out a member application. If you are interested in the admin position for either xbox or PS3 then please register with the site and then send me a PM through our site.