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This skeptic's opinion...

Let me preface by saying that I tend to be a very skeptical person, especially when it comes to video games. That said:


I have incredibly high hopes for this game, I really do. All of the information I've heard about this game makes me a firm believer that the developers have got their heads on right and are on the fast track to making this (possibly) the greatest Spider-man game to this date and setting the standard for any future Spider-man.


From what Beenox have told us about the combat system, it sounds like it's right on point, coupled with the web-swinging and the Web Dash (I think?) ability, I get the impression that there's going to be unprecedented levels of control over the most important aspects of Spider-man's mobility and unique combat style and that it will not only control intuitively, but will look and feel just as Spider-man should. My only worry is that the mechanic may be too automated (in which case it would be boring, but a great foundation to build upon) but I'll reserve my judgement until I've played with it. I am very happy to hear they are using the FreeFlow combat system as a base and tailoring it towards Spidey alongside careful consideration of camera work, a bloody great move that can only make a hero who's combat style is so disorienting and difficult to control play nearly flawlessly.


Speaking of camera work, the focus towards camer usability is likely going to be the game winning move if done well. Even if the web-swinging or the combat wind up mediocre for some reason, tight camera usability could save the game. Of course, provided it all goes off top notch, the camera will make a great game even greater.


I enjoy the shift in focus back to free-roam, Spidey just feels so out of his element in linear, enclosed gameplay.


My only real issues thus far (besides the horrible forum layout) is the complete lack of any actual gameplay footage. C'mon, give us a glimpse of what you're working on at least.


If this game is half as good as it sounds, I'll likely buy it at full retail within the first month.

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    It takes a little bit of doing to get me real excited about a new game (as an obsessive Playstation and SNES RPG fan), so I'm not exactly too worked up about the game right now, personally.  But, I gotta say that it looks like the game's definitely headed in the right direction, and I'm only seeing good signs right now.  If this keeps up, then I'll end up getting the game right near release, I guess.  But, like you said, I'll definitely need to see some gameplay footage first.  Everything I'm hearing about the game, from the combat to the fact that it's not based on the movie itself, seems to be a good idea.  The main question right now seems to be the execution.  We'll just have to wait and see.