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Are You Still Geting Major Lag?

Maybe its time to stop blaming the game and look at your ISP.  Especially if you use a cable based ISP that utilizes whats still just theory; Turbo/Power Boost.  Most people dont understand the context of this oir  how it inteferres with REAL TIME game playing.  This was an acceptable loss with older MMORPG like Everquest and WoW; but the newer games need REAL connections that have a constant connection rate.


Im fortunate enough to live in an area that has REAL fiber to your home.  We had to start a co-op to make this happen as MANY, MANY of US city officials are still vested into cable.  They even made a group in my state that lies about the costs to home owners just to stop progress.  I can tell you its actually lowered my utility bill because I dont get distracted on the internet wiating for hi-res  pages to buffer/load.  I get on, do what I was there for, then Im turning my machine off verses turning my PC on, going to the page, wiating for load/buffering, watch Youtube vids of kittens playing piano's, etc...


Im not endorsing any product but see that some folks have had lag honestly disappear but others seem to still have it.  I just think its time to look at ALL the reasons this may be happening.  Remeber this game needs a solid state.  Just like cable commercials stae, copper core is outdated and what our grandparents used.... they just dont state they are copper core to your home and rely on a math therum to get by.  If its not and the speeds are flucuated with network peaks (etc.) YOU WILL GET LAG.  Call you local congresman or your ISP.  Either way google 'creatinng fiber optic Co-Op' if you want to live in the now.


Basically, most the lag your gona experience is ALL ABOUT your connection.  As someone with a constant speed that never flucuates, the only time I start getting lag is in lobbies that have somehow been jak't.

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    well I see lag, I had more lag last night then usual, my connection is B+ so I expect it to sometimes do something funcky, but I always have full bars, My ping is a 47, I have the best internet I can buy, I have a direct CAT6 cable going from the modem to  the ps3, I tried the port forwarding solution, I saw no difference in lag my nat type is open. So I guess ive doen everything I can do on my end

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    I still get lag a lot of the time and have fibre to my home, 5ms ping and a constant down speed of over 100 and up speed over 10, and all my cables are top quality..

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    You can have a B+ for your connection, but if your using an ISP that utilizes OUTDATED math theory (still has not been fully proved as a e-physics law for Tx across a copper medium) your gonna get lag.  Im sorry but thats fact.  Im not trying to rub it in but I get an A+ and tlod Im faster than 100% of the US.


    My ping is usually under 10ms when I go to the site your obviously using.  I understand that a LOT of cities in the US are still just involved/vested in cable/copper core internet.  They claim fiber but thats only to a node (sometimes only in-house/corporate office).  As far as using CAT6, thats only really gonna apply for Home Networking speeds.


    How straight is the graph showing flux in your speed?  When your testing does the needle go up and down and up again to get the result?


    @ERROR_6  Unfortunatly you have done everything you can do... as far as your own personal settings.  Even more unfortunate, your ISP probably wont want to restrict the Power/Turbo Boost on your line (or cant).  But consider, if your ISP was honest about what they sold you would you really buy them.  While Im a HUGE fan of Free Enterprise, I think something needs to happen as far as the marketing of those services.  A couple of years ago I was out in Cali (starngly enough Silicon Valley has no consumer fiber available :-?  and FiOS was only in Malibu and Redondo/Hermosa Beach, the rich areas) and started with TWC but switched to dedicated DSL and the lag went away.  With TWC it was something I could not do anything about.


    Like I stated; if your interested in seeing real internet that is based on todays REAL technology, look into what iut takes to start a FiberOptic CoOp.  You wont be sorry once you get it.  All my friends that come and use my PC (even with other devices going on the line) swaer I am an internet hub... YEA, ITS THAT GOOD.

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    Try resetting your router.  Is your wireless signal protected with a strong key?  If your ISP set it up, its probably still wide open.  If you use FiOS you got lied to.  I can see that your not using an 'honest-to-goodness' fiber copnnection as your DL and UL speeds would be VERY, VERY close to each other.  That or your signal has been compromised.... wireless needs some real security updates as the criminal element has gotten VERY, VERY clever.


    Or maybe you need to contact your provider and let them know your UL speed is lacking.  A real fiber connetion is whats called asyncrounous, or independent of each other.  My DL usually falls between 85-95 Mbps and my UL is between 75-90 Mbps.  The varation I have is only about whats called 'signal overhead' (system checking files/updates/marketing ticker, etc).



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    Remember that there are tons of people playing this game that still gimp their connections, run their system through a PC and use tools to introduce lag, people downloading torrents or watching Netflix just to try and avoid being host, and you still have people out there using a lag switch to gain a advantage when they are host, until this sort of behavior ends we will continue to see lag related issues in many matches. It also doesn't help when the games matchmaking service constantly pairs you up with people on the opposite side of the globe, which only serve to make lag comp to go nuts.


    I have seen a improvement in lag when playing all local (USA based players) which seems to only be when you are playing in a private match knowing where everyone lives. When in public lobbies most of the times you are put into a lobby with people who are not local. The game still needs netcode optimization, lag comp still needs work, the matchmaking needs work so that you wont be put into a non local lobby most of the time, or give us back the option to choose between local or worldwide searches again, because I'm really tired of being behind the action by a split second. I still see people shooting me from around the corner, i still see no hitmarkers when i am dead aim, i still get a whole clip of hitmarkers, i still get killed by people that i shoot first and they turn around and kill me with a few shots. And no its not my connection that's at fault.

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    I can stream hi-def 720p video flawlessly while playing scramble with friends on my phone, while my parents watch Netflix downstairs, while my brother downloads albums of music. At night when they all go to bed and every is turned off and I close my laptop and hop on the PSN to play some Call of Duty: MW3 I experience the worst lag I have ever come across. I don't think it's my internet

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    Just because your internet is fast enough to do all of that does not mean you will have lagless online play, speed and ping are not the same, meaning high speeds does not equal low ping and no to low jitter.

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    For the first time ever last night I could not get into a game for over an hour. I get 50 down & 5 Up. It usually takes 10min or so to get into a 50ms lobby. Lst night was weird once i finally got into a game it was like the lag flucuated i would get killed in one shot, and empty a whole clip and get nothing. 5min later I was unstoppable and no one could get anything but hit markers. It then would switch back out of my favor.  I really dont think it is my ISP this happened imediatly after installing the latest update. Honestly it is always spoty I useually wont play in anything but a 50ms lobby as this seems to make it feel realtime. I have come to except that after any update it will take like a week to settle down, thats just been my experience.  Lag is crazy after an update. But last night it was a completly new "lag" experience. So while ISPs may have aneffect with some people, I think more is inplay.

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    This is way to funny for words but I will try anyway. Hell ya I still got a lot of lag internet or location hmm don't know. I just wish I could choose my games more closer to bring down my bing rate. Most times it is about crazy high. waching how my character got wacked 99% of the time because of this.

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