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Why is the javelin considered noobish?

This is what I know for a fact.


Every weapon has (Good and Bad) features to it.


People will always use quick and powerful weapons to gain control and a advantage.


But this is what I do not understand....


This is how people define Cheap and Noobish:


Something giving a player a huge advantage over all others he faces. Or being new to the game and not doing very well.


And here are some things about the JAVLIN for you to consider before making a decision:


Biggest blast radius of all explosive missles or launchers.


Most powerful of all launchers.


Can kill ground and Air.


Very Slow Aim Time at 0.80 sec.


Only has one round.


You move slower with it equiped then any other weapon.


Lock on is required to launch and takes up to 5 sec wasting time you need to shoot enemies near by

causing a good chance of death before launch since you can not fire it near object since that results in death if it hits near by objects.


It is also a long range lock on and fire only not locking on to close objects or areas.


Kills are not always possible eighter you have to know where enemies will be.


So if I was to total the negative with the postive to see which one is more then the other this is the result.


3 positives and 6 negatives.


So in my opinion since there is not more possitive then negative I say it is not noobish or cheap.