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Strange Happenings

1 - My colour blind option turning itself on when starting a game

2 - During play the "Download content is taking to long.....do you want to" (a) continue (b) disable download content......my DLC is always disabled.

3 - Being in matches where EVERYONE is on 3 bar connections

4 - The same as above but with 2 and 3 bar connections

5 - Being matched 99% of the time with French,Germans,Spanish,Portugese and Italians (i'm in Scotland) even if i'm party leader with my clan(all English)

6 - Finally the horrendous lag and stuttering

Before you reply...My ports are open,my firewall and security are OFF my ping,upload and download are all excellent and my packet loss is zero.

This has all been happening since last Download content and new 1.14 update.

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    im having the same problem with the colour blind option it changes from game to game im on xbox

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    Has anyone noticed that I posted this in "Technical Support" listing and have heard absolutely nothing from them.......Now I really know they don't give a sh!t

    Elite Help is f"cked cos my connection is set up properly he has nothing to say........

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    Hi KillGoblin,


    Sorry for the late response.  I read all of your posts above so I don't want to repeat anything you've already done.  With that said, besides port forwarding, disabling firewall, etc, what else have you done to troubleshoot this?

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      My PS3 is in DMZ and I've even tried lowering my MTU to my ISP settings.Nothing works today 18/5/12 it's unplayable.The countless times i've been thrown into started games that are lagging is getting ridiculous,i'm constantly playing against 2-3 bar players and rarely do I encounter anyone from my own country.Today I gave up after 20mins of frustrating gameplay.In that time I was put into 1 <50 ms game,in which I spawned into it (it had already started of course) only to be shot at from the front and killed from the side by a sniper's bullet,this happened in the first second of spawning.My tests for my line quality all work out perfect all other games I play work perfectly.My connection is wired.Before the last DLC and 1.14 update I was 4 bar 99% of the time now i'm playing in games with everyone including me on 3 bars,i've even been down to 2 a few times and that has never happened in the past.