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Looking for a clan

I'm looking for a clan, I'm 13th prestige, I have 1.20 K/D, I mostly play SnD.



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    join XCS we are currently level 8 we need someone like you

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    Hello, are you elite premium? Do you like to play and enjoy mw3 while yourp laying, need that extra team work to get by those cluster of bad guys? lol then join my clan laying it down, were good together and we are friendly team players

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    Class M Gaming Wants You!


    We are currently recruiting both casual and competitive gamers for our community, all skill levels are welcome. If you PLAY TO WIN, you're welcome to start a competitive squad or tryout for an existing one!Our mission has and always will be to provide an excellent and stable gaming environment for members of the community to enjoy and benefit from.


    Our clan plays a variety of game modes, including: TDM, Kill Confirmed, Domination, etc.


    ATTN: We're also accepting clan mergers into our community, and are looking for leadership for all platforms.



    Supported Console Games:

    Armored Core 5 [Xbox]

    Modern Warfare 3 [PS3|Xbox|PC]

    Battlefield 3    [PS3|Xbox|PC]

    Gears of War 3 [Xbox]

    Halo:Reach [Xbox]


    What we can offer you:

    +High quality website & forum

    +Competitive teams <-Tryouts only.

    +Community for 15+ games over 3 platforms

    +Leadership opportunities

    +Product/Game reviews (Coming Soon)

    +Youtube channel


    +At least 13 years of age (16+ to join staff)

    +Team Players

    +Working Headset/Mic

    +Willingness to maintain activity in the community


    If you’re interested in joining our community, register an account at http://www.classmgamer.com and then go to Apply -> Membership to fill out an application!


    Contact Information:


    Skype: Miss.Vendetta

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    We are a competitive team based clan. Join Recklezz Gam3rz

    We are looking for people who are mature and loyal

    Our clan listens and respects its members

    We need people like you

    our K/D ratio and members may not be so high but we are sometimes victorious if not were always victorious


    Rules And Terms

    _you have and elite free, premium, or founder account

    _you are mature and loyal

    _willing  to have fun

    _ mic is required

    _after you are recruited create a new account with RzGz_ in front

    _always active on weekends, if you arent you must have a fair excuse


    Hit me up on psn: RzGz_Xp3rt_Pr0   <-- (zero not O) if you want to join

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    Are you interested in joining a Mature Gaming Community with over 3000 members? Then LHR Gaming is the right place for you.

    -Active forums and members

    -Respectful members

    -Stable Clan structure


    -All around fun

    The main requirement is you must be 18 and older

    Website: http://www.lhrgaming.com/frontpage/

    If your are interested in joining msg me on here or contact me on Xbox live gt: Phantom703

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    we dont have age requirments so anyone at any age can join

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    Tactical Gaming

    Looking for a military style clan? A friendly community? A clan that doesn't really look at how good you are, or your ability to play? If you are still interested then read on!


    Tactical Gaming, founded in November of 2004, is a community home to over 2000+ gaming members. The whole reason why Tactical Gaming was created, was to bring like minded gamers together in a calm, level minded environment for people to enjoy and always have someone to play with. We consist of mature, well rounded, respectful members.



    Organization is key to being successful, and here at Tactical Gaming we do not lack organization. We follow a very strict military style Chain of Command (CoC). Through the CoC is how we deal with problems that any one member may have whilst they are here in Tactical Gaming. I can almost guarantee a response or an answer within 24 hours if you use the CoC correctly.


    Why Join TG?

    Well, read above! Look at what we have to offer. If that isn't enough, then I can also mention that we support twelve different games over three different consoles! So if you ever got tired of Call of Duty and wanted to play another game, you could always make a Division transfer to another game that we support and still be associated with Tactical Gaming! I mean come on, what other clan has over 2000+ members spread out over 12 different games? None that I know of! So what are you waiting on?!


    If you want to join, and are wondering how to join, read below!


    How to Join TG!

    Well, if you are reading the information below, then I guess you have made a wise choice, or you are just wanting to see how I well I am at typing. None the less, if you are wanting to join, you have made a very wise choice! Information on joining is as follows;


    Go to the website: http://tw.tghq.org


    Read the regulations. You'll see that we are AGAINST cheating.


    Fill out the form!




    Tell them TG-Bombshell sent ya! (Put that in the referred box).