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New Playlist

Okay, so recently I've been having some fun challenging myself and my friends while online by starting with any secondary for our first kill and then picking up whatever gun the player we killed had on them.  I think there should be a playlist where you automatically take the gun of the player you kill, or a playlist where each time you get a kill you switch to a randomized gun with randomized attachments and proficiencies. It's really difficult but as a player it forces you to try guns and combinations you would never try normally because you might get killed a lot while getting used to them, but in this game type other players would be just as much out of their element as you are.  Call of Duty isn't always about the best K/D it's also about adaptability.  This would be great for new players who want to experiment with later unlocked guns and for experienced players who want something new.  So what do you guys think?