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Best/Favorite HC match set up

I dont play a lot of Hardcore mode but since the last few Friday night Clan Ops have been hardcore events I thought I would try and see what people like guns, perks, etc.


I've heard Assasin is a must but I really dont use it much in core.  Just trying to get some helpful hits.


I really dont want this thread to debate which is better core or hardcore.  I'd just like to see what people are using for Hardcore set ups?

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    All the guns work. Its HC.


    claymore or betty




    stalker/Dead silence

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    Im currently using the ACR which is the best HC assault rifle. It's minimum damage is 30 so its always 1 hit kill no matter how far the enemy is, only other weapons to have this ability are snipers, LMGs, and the MK14. I use impact on it so enemies behind cover are taken out easily. For attachment I switch between silencer if im playing more agressive, and ACOG or hybrid sight if im feeling more campy.


    My secondary is an MP9, I rarely pull it out and use it just for its 75% sprint bonus.

    Leathal: Claymore, Tactical: Smoke.


    Perks: Extreme conditioning, Assassin, Dead Silence.


    I only play hardcore search and destroy so my setup is best for that game mode. If i am playing something else or dont feel like going try hard I change the ACR for a SPAS-12 or AA-12 with range.

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    ACR w/ kick and silencer



    Trophy system/any

    blind eye


    Dead Silence/ sitrep pro (sitrep is really nooby now, so I would avoid using it, unless you don't mind the hatemail, lolz)


    Support packae- UAV and Ballistic vests, nothing else.






    That is my best/favorite class and I gurantee that you'll like it.

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    Any gun with Silencer


    Sticky Grenade

    Trophy System


    Blind Eye


    Dead Silence


    UAV/Preditor Missle/Airstrike


    -On HC, most players use Blind Eye so its best to use KS that you can control.

    -On Smaller Maps like Dome and Hardhat, Recon is so wonderful.

    -Be aware of Ballistic Vest on HC. Just keep shooting until they are dead. Don't just assume 2 bullets and run away.

    -Always be moving! Campers will get eaten by Noobtubes. With dead silence on, you will sneak up on quite a few campers and get easy kills.