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First I don't give a flying **** if you all blast me but this game is a waste of money and time..... this game is full of people sitting in corners, me shooting people in the back them turning around winking and killing me in one shot, lets not forget me getting shot though two walls a box and a dumpster and my bullets not doing nothing, then theres the cross map sub machine gun kills, modded controllers, lousy map design, **** hit detection.. for christsakes i play in hardcore and it takes a whole clip to kill someone from my assault rifle and two to three shots from a sniper rifle.... people also can run around corners firing because they know right where you are at all times........ BS!!!!! Now i am getting disconnected from the servers for this game all the time and not any other ones, i dont even want to hear about lag compensation that is bs too, theres no compensation thats just a term activision coined to deflect blame from the real problem of there are cheaters and hackers in this game and activision, IW, and Treyarch dont give a **** because people are mindless sheep and keep paying for the same tired **** every year and line their pockets.  Now on to that crap called elite that I still cant figure out what the hell i paid $50 for with that, a few shitty maps for mp and a bunch of maps in bs modes i dont even play really WTF???? Its sad i spend all this money on something to have fun with and play with my friends but I cant even do that because of all the bs hell i have more fun playing my sega genesis then i do with this monstrosity, 90% of the people in this community are obessed with their precious K/d well i say up yours because 88% of you couldnt get a high k/d without some kind of bs going on. Heres an idea activison just quit making games you sucked at it on the atari 2600, psx, and saturn and you suck even worse now. you come up with no original ideas just rehash the same stuff year after year and change a few things around and lets not forget all the space your games take up on my harddrive due to your patches there is no need for all the patches, slow down development make a good game and get rid of people who dont play according to the tos, do real beta testing in house to catch the damn bugs and glitches and you wouldnt need to make and release all these patches. as far as mircosoft goes they are no better because they are just as guilty in letting shitty games hit the markets and doing nothing to fix problems themselves or forcing game publishers to fix things, remember folks the gaming market crashed before and its going to again and this time it wont recover. I know someone is going to say something about casual gamers while i dont give a flying goat about casual gamers they suck at games like this and every company panders to them which is bs go play sonic the hedgehog quit ruining the games i play  every day, just so someone who plays once a week can get on and sit in a god damned corner and kill me, heres another idea for you, you can stay in one spot for 5 seconds 10 if youre sniping if you dont move in that time you die and it counts against you, that means get up off your ass and move not just shuffle side to side. lose the stupid kill streaks, the over the tops perks and just make a straight military game. i have been on several message boards since this game has come out and its the same thing being said on all of them that should be the first clue that something is wrong, but is anything done no nope not at all. This game has not lived up to expectations, it hasnt delievered anything but frustation I have learned my lesson and will never rent, buy, borrow, recommend  or play another activision game again.

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    Why play something that aggrivates you? That's the question.

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    officially the longest paragraph ever.  worse grammar and spelling


    somewhere a teacher is crying.


    quit the damn game, rager.  better off without you.


    you really should take up some sort of stress relief.  try knitting.  worked for my little sister.  you sound a lot like her.

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    Wow thats a rant, ive had the coming round the corner shooting, the shooting through objects killing me but my bullets cant get through aswell. I just put it down to things like sitrep pro and impact. i still enjoy the game though.

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    Here is an idea...Go make your own FPS military type game. Then you will have no room to complain, but wait.....you will put something in the game that someone else does like, or you will play how others don't like. Point is...it's a game...If it is consuming you so much that you can get this angry about it, then step outside and get some sun. It works wonders.

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    I am sorry, tried to read the whole thing, but that big block of text hurt my eyes. So I skimmed it lol.


    The simple fact of it is, OP.. that yes this game has serious issues. HOWEVER, its still the best Mult-Player experience out on the market right now. Its still the most addictive and competitive, and brings people back time and time again. We are all disappointed in aspects of the game, I think there will never be a "perfect" game where everyone sings its praises. There will always be issues, and the things that are issues to you and me may not be issues for other people. Its just... life.


    You have a choice. You don't have to play this game, there are several other good games out there, give them a shot. If the game makes you that mad, play something else, or better yet... read a book and practice your writing.


    On the other hand, if you have issues with the game you want to discuss in a rational, intelligent manner, well than this is the place to do it. You are bringing up problems, but offering no solutions.