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Define: Camping.

from my definition, this isnt camping, but from other peoples im sure that it is. what exactly is camping to you, and when do you accuse people of it?

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    Patrolling is camping most of the time, but you were moving around your patrol zone too quickly for it to be considered camping.

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    How would this be camping? I didnt see you stop once during that video. I wish I was that good.  Well done!


    To me camping is sitting in the corner waiting for people to run by....and sitting there for an extended period of time.

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    Camping to me is someone who stays, sits or lays prone in one area(corners, hallways, in the grass/bushes, etc) and doesn't move what so ever.  They wait for someone to run by to get their kill.  They generally have no skill and go 7-2 in a match to keep their KD up and brag about it or are satisfied with going 3-10, as long as they get those 3 annoying kills because they stopped someone who was on a killstreak.

    All you were doing is monitoring an area, nothing wrong with that. 

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    i thought people would be calling me a camper haha

    people do that... alot...

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    there is more than one way to camp. "patroling" i love that word. its just a word that campers came up with to try and deflect criticism. make it better. explain: ever been camping? so you have your tent, which the corner camper never ventures out of or just moves from corner to corner in. "square dancing", get a kill move to the other corner, get a kill move to another corner. all in that little "square" you etched out. around that general area of your tent (portable) is the campsite isnt it? if thats the way you play i can see why you would be called a camper....a lot


    just because you expand your radius you are still in the same spot. not to mention you are using a motion sensor too, one of the tools of the trade for campers (i wont even get into the mp7). corner camping is just one way to camp, and that is almost always the first defense, im not stayin in a corner, no claymore blah blah blah....okay. so you are staying in an area, whats the diff? you are still in the same spot, wether its kneeling in a corner, in a window or ads looking at the stairs/choke points its all camping, just different variations on it. when i come back to that corner the camper is still there, just like you will still be in that same area when i come back. i always come back to the scene of the crime. a camper is also someone when they get killed, spawn and make a beeline for the "campsite".


    also in ffa i wouldnt use the term "patroling": thats more for objective games where you are defending a flag or a bomb, patroling the area for those who would cap or defuse. it is what it is. just because you arent in some dark corner somewhere waiting for somebody to pass doesnt mean you arent camping, but hey who am i? patrol that bunker dude, just save some smores for the rest of us......

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    Ok, I guess it could be considered a little campy, but its not like there is only one way into that bunker. There's three. He's still engaging, he's not just constantly head-glitching. That is the "difference" you ask of.


    I bet you call people campers who stop and wait for enemies to round corners after seeing a red dot when a UAV is called in, don'tcha? It's like people can't comprehend tactics that require more than half a brain cell to execute...but, that's the CoD "community" in a nutshell.

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    lmao...truth with a little funny in it lol

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    what do you mean?

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    no, no, no... camping is, always has been, and forever will be hiding in a concealed area, aiming your weapon and waiting for someone to walk past so you can kill them... the only movement a camper will do is to switch from one dark corner to the opposite dark corner for example.  Locking down one section of a map (particularly in FFA) is not camping. You're claiming that piece of the map as your own and inviting everyone else to come and get you... if they can.  You're not camping unless you're doing your utmost to conceal your location.  All these new definitions of camping are nonsense. 

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