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Do Xbox Guys even care about the 30 day DLC thing anymore?

More and more on here, and on other various places, I see loads of Xbox players sympatising with us PS3 guys over the DLC deal and how they even feel like its not fair. Youtube commentators aswell are starting to say it in their vids when inrtroducing new maps.


All Im saying is, is  it really be that important to sign a deal for say 10Million, when you make tonnes more on the actual map packs.


Please, pretty please with suger on top, ditch the contract this year.


Whats the harm in all Elite players getting DLC 30 days ahead, and everyone else on all platforms getting it on the same day, 30 days later.


Do ATVI really need that extra little pocket money from the contract? No, so do your fans a favour and treat them as equals like it should've always been.


Oh, and why do Xbox get Prestige 16-20 and we have to wait till June? That wasn't part of the deal, nor was patches or updates, and this is also a main reason why the deal has to go. 30 day DLC exclusivity does not stretch as far as that, but apparently, according to ATVI, and their never ending stream of common sense, decided that it does!


For the sake of the COD Community not being divided to such extremes. get rid of that ridiculous contract.