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quick scoping ?

is anything ever going  to get done about quick scoping it just seems to be getting rediculous lately .

every game i get into has at least 4 of these jokers and it's only getting worse . if this isn't getting patched the other guns need to be beefed up big time .

nothing can compete with this,  almost every shot is a 1 shot kill . and skilled players using it are repeatedly getting 1 shot kills , face to face an ar will lose every time thats just stupid .

there is nothing worse than getting dropped by a single shot on core then when you watch the kill cam the kid who killed you has just done the same to 2 or 3 other guys in the space of the killcam .

ban snipers from regular matches i say or dumb them down so this cant happen or even add a lot  of extra weight to the snipers as a deterent