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Which weapons would you like to see in Black Ops 2?

I actually had a full detailed list of weapons, but didn't save it


Since you'll be fighting Chinese soldiers/terrorists/militia, I'm guessing there will be at least one Chinese/Asianic weapon in each category.


For hanguns,


The Taurus PT111 can function as the ASP from the first Black Ops. Quick to switch and quick to reload.


The QSZ-92 can function as the M9 from MW2. A Chinese handgun with a large magazine and superior handling.


For SMG's,


The Type 05 is almost like the P90 as it carries 50 rounds.


For Shotguns,


The Pancor is just badass looking. Look it up.


For Assault Rifles,


I've seen a rifle which looks like the XM8. Could be a reskinned M4A1.