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A few  ideas that treyarch should put in black ops 2

Here are my idea's


Map editor: This would be a awesome feature to have so that no one gets bored of the same maps.


Full character customization: Somthing me and some friends wanted in cod for a very long time.


Surreal mode: A mode i thorght up its a free for all type of mode except every time one player kills the other player that player starts to become dizzy and have blurier vision and worsens everytime that player gets a kill each player will only have a pistol and the length of time would be 5 min long with 4 rounds the player with the most kills after those 4 rounds wins.


Air maps: Maps that has helicopters and jets etc this would be awesome.


C4 mode: Another mode i thorght up each player will have 4 C4 The idea is to either put C4 on other players or on the walls floor to blow up other players the objective is to survive without being blown to death 3 times each player has 3 lives If the player has no C4 left then that player has to survive and not die 3 times knifing a player gives you back 1 C4 if the player has any C4 The player who earned the the most points by surviving which is worth 50 points when a player gets killed and Kills is worth 120 wins points.


Thank you for reading.